Compliment for the Renovation of the Apartment

"Dear Joe, I want to personally thank you and compliment you and your staff for the renovation to my apartment. The work you did was on budget and on time. Normally, this should be assumed in this day and age, nothing is; you delivered. I also want to thank you for your constant attention to detail and the value you brought to the project by ensuring that all the trades work was first rate, by ensuring that the work was completed when scheduled, and by constantly collaborating with me every step of the way. I also found your contribution to the many decisions about design and choice of materials to be very helpful – a definite improvement to my limited knowledge of the possibilities. I do a renovation occasionally; you do them every day. I found that the trust I developed and the respect that was built for you, your staff and your trade’s people made the project a positive experience for me. I also appreciate the extra efforts you took to ensure that work would be completed before the holidays. It was the best present I could hope for. Best wishes, "
~ Bob F.