1. Initial Consultation

This is the first meeting where we will discuss budget goals, services to be offered, and an estimated schedule/time-centerline.


2. Preliminary Design Phase

Initial measurements and photos are taken, followed by preliminary design sketches and budgets. In final stages, planning of the working drawings begins, as well as the acquisition of any millwork specifications. This is also where interior design and product selection takes place.


3. Project Specifics & Approvals

Construction contract and management options are discussed and selected. A finalized project schedule is developed concurrent with the acquisition of necessary permits, approvals, engineering, and surveys.


4. Building Phase

Site preparation, demolition, and new construction starts. Site supervision, quality control, client preferences, and engineering specifications are assessed throughout the building phase.


5. Inspections

Final engineering inspections and occupancy site approvals are finalized. Clients take a prepossession walkthrough of finished project.


6. The Marino Assurance

The foundation of our business has always been the referrals we receive from our clients. We see it as our duty to go the extra mile, leaving the client satisfied beyond their expectations, happy to recommend us, and to work with us again in the future.